Barfi & the Pursuit of Happiness!

[Image courtesy: UTV Motion Pictures]

‘Barfi’ is a marvelous character created by Anurag Basu, which India would remember for a very long time. The movie was a grand success winning many laurels! But it is from the character of the protagonist that we can learn much about life!

A penniless, mute & deaf Barfi delights everyone with a disarming smile and mischievous tricks! He finds love and happiness in a socially awkward Autistic girl. The two live a seemingly perfect life inspite of all their individual imperfections and die together peacefully in bed deep into their old age!
God has given us much! Yet we complain all the time! Picking faults in all around! Impatient, Restless and unhappy all the time! Marriage, in our society, has become an act which needs to be carefully orchestrated to achieve lasting happiness!

There are vociferous voices on the issue of marriage. Some say “The castes and the sub-castes need to match else the ‘alliance’ is doomed”! Others say “ A particular groom is more appropriate as he is ‘foreign returned’ and gets the right pay check”. One person rejected a prospective bride because “She is two inches taller.She won’t look nice next to my son”. How more frivolous can we get !I think you get the drift!

These voices can be any one of us! We ‘modern’ people need to learn much from this wonderful character of ‘Barfi’ who in his innocent little ways teaches us much about life, and about our incessant ‘Pursuit of Happiness’.

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